Site Oversight

This site is what I have been dreaming of for years. It may not be in its best form yet, but it is the first attempt at doing my small part of helping the Body of Christ to become healthy and vibrant. We are not having much of an impact on the culture around us. That has to change.

First we must be awakened. That comes from God and the Spirit of Truth.

  • “Gazing upon the Face of God” A weekly devotion on the nature and character of God. I hope you will post your contemplations throughout the week.
  • “Worldview Content” We will be posting weekly content “chunks” to help equip us with an ever-deepening understanding of the truth of God in every area of life.

Second, we must become engaged with the culture around us.

  • “Truth Observed” A weekly blog that will provide a biblical worldview comment on the varous things going on around us.
  • “Headlines & Between” A weekly post that will look at the headlines from the news and media and help us gain discernment into the worldview that stands behind the media’s articles and stories.
  • “Kruptikos” A Monday puzzle that takes an interesting quote and puts it into a cryptographic code for you to solve. Friday I will post the solution with, hopefully, a meaningful comment. I hope it will be fun for those of you who enjoy such things.

Third, we must resist our culture’s pull toward isolation and disunity. Our Lord spoke passionately in His prayer to the Father that we should be “one” so that the world would know that He was the Son of God. We will do what we can to bring forth that unity.

  • “Community” This is an area for those who have been “awakened” to join with other believers to engage with each other and to band together with others who share your particular ministry passion to do research and study; to be encouraged; and to become more effective in your ministry to the culture around you.

Soli Deo Gloria!

– Del