February 4, 2013

Big Blue Media: Making All Things Blue

Last week there were over 400,000 people that had travelled to D.C. to make their views known about abortion. We […]

December 8, 2012

Guns, Butter and Sugar

NBC Sunday night football was rolling along nicely when Bob Costas popped in and delivered what many would call a […]

October 17, 2012

Under Revampment (is that a word?)

I am on a writing trip in between an extensive travel schedule. This isn’t the shack I’m working in, but […]

October 25, 2010

Preparing Mighty Men…Fighting for Righteousness

This last week I had the privilege of teaching my fall seminary class. It was the first semester of a […]

September 20, 2010

What’s Wrong with this Picture? Design vs Reality

What’s wrong with this picture? Of course you don’t know. Why? Because you don’t know the “design”. That’s not a […]