September 26, 2015

Grand Canyon Filming 2

We are on a special permit many miles deep into the Hualapai Reservation (pronounced wal-a-pie) along Diamond Creek.  The formation […]

September 25, 2015

Grand Canyon Filming 1

  I have rafted down the Grand Canyon twice and been to the rim numerous times, but it still takes […]

September 21, 2015

A Shooting in the Badlands

I have to tell you…I was stunned at the beauty here. Pictures don’t do it justice. We are now about […]

September 17, 2015

A Shooting in Deadwood

Sounds like an old Western headline, doesn’t it? Actually, we just finished at short week of the Genesis filming in South Dakota […]

September 9, 2015

Mt. St. Helens Filming, Day 5

This is a picture of Spirit Lake. It may not look like a lake, but it is. What you see […]